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Kolbe Corp has cracked the code by providing an assessments that identifies your natural way of taking action.
The Kolbe assessment result is a score from 1 to 10 on four different action modes.
This is what we call your personal Kolbe or Kolbe Index A.

Important to realize is that there is no good or bad outcome possible,
the power comes from knowing your Kolbe and organizing your life around your Kolbe result.

Using the Kolbe assessments via this page we can help you both individually and with your business by optimizing your hiring, training and managing of people, as well as increase the effectiveness of team members.

The result is much higher satisfaction AND productivity!



If you are new to the Kolbe, please take the Kolbe Index A first by clicking the Kolbe Index A link below.

Use the contact form below to take advantage of the INSIGHT and IMPACT Coaching options that we offer below.



The Freedom to be your best self starts with the insight in your Kolbe

The first step is to take the Kolbe Index A

Kolbe Index A

The first profiling tool to start with is the Kolbe Index A. Click to take the assessment

Kolbe B

The Kolbe B Index measures your own perception of your seat responsibilities.
Click to take the assessment.

Kolbe C

The Kolbe C identifies the characteristics necessary to function in a specific seat as defined by the leadership team.

Kolbe A Session

INSIGHT session to fully understand your own Kolbe and how to use it for increased effectiveness.

Kolbe A-B Session

INSIGHT session where we compare your Kolbe Index A with your Kolbe B. Understanding, implications and clear personalized action steps.

Kolbe A-B-C Session

INSIGHT session where we analyze the Kolbe A-B, Kolbe A-C and Kolbe B-C Profiles which results in full clarity for seat/job fit based on conation.

Our Kolbe Services

The freedom to be yourself and maximize your effectiveness

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