five foundational tools

Five Foundational Tools

Vision Achievers know that 80% of their success depends on purely implementing five foundational tools from the Entrepreneurial Operating System®

Five Foundations for Success

Here is an important insight for what drives 80% of your success in achieving your vision.

EOS® contains a toolbox of 20 tools, but just five of them are truly at the core of your success. We call them The Five Foundational Tools of EOS® and here they are:

  1. THE VTO™
  3. ROCKS

In the process of an implementation, we get to this point where these five foundational tools are implemented after just three days of implementation with the leadership team of the company. After completing the Vision Building™ day 2 session, the leadership team has achieved mastery in these five foundational tools, which means the leadership team has full understanding of the use and power of these tools and has implemented them in their team.

Another Milestone Achieved

From this milestone, we can plan the next phase where we are going to cascade these five foundational tools throughout the rest of the organization so the whole business is crystal clear on the vision, all executing with discipline and accountability and everybody is part of a healthy, functional and cohesive team. Now we are all rowing in the same direction to achieve the vision – how powerful is that?

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