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Certified EOS® Implementer

Alexander Celie

Alexander Celie

Certified EOS® Implementer in Europe
Kolbe Certified™ Specialist

Alexander Celie

Certified EOS® Implementer | Kolbe Certified Specialist

Certified EOS® Implementer (10x Business Coach), Founder TRACTION10 BV

Alexander is an entrepreneur and MD of TRACTION10 BV, an organization that helps entrepreneurial leadership teams to clarify, simplify and realize the vision in a dynamic, exponential world.

Alexander has a strong business & IT background and extensive experience as a leader, manager and business coach for various international organizations.

He found EOS® when he was leading a business unit of 180 people, 20M in revenue in the IT industry, where Alexander with his team Hit a Ceiling, in the sense that for a period of time nothing seems to work to grow beyond the 20M mark. He began searching for answers on how to break through and found what he was looking for in the Entrepreneurial Operating System EOS® by Gino Wickman. Investigating what this system was all about, Alexander found it to be a very complete and practical system for achieving any business vision. Being passionate about this and seeeing the opportunity to help many businesses with this system, he eventually joined the EOS® community, was trained by Gino Wickman and started his EOS® implemention business in The Netherlands to help European Entrepreneurs get everything they want from their business.

EOS® works in all businesses because it is based on timeless proven principles that deliver results. The focus is on leadership teams (management teams) of organizations that want to grow and scale up (so-called scale-ups) and want to increase traction, profits and entrepreneurial freedom. EOS® is implemented together with the organization’s leadership team and in doing so, builds a strong foundation for realizing the vision and scaling the business in a dynamic, exponential world.

Companies that are running on EOS® have the right foundation and the simplicity to effectively use the power of exponential technologies in today’s world.

Create a strong foundation of simplicity before you surf the exponential curve or you will multiply your chaos.

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